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Say Goodbye To Festering Phone Bacteria With This  Multifunctional Sanitizer 

By Jennifer Smith | May 21, 2021

“This is a great dual-purpose product; santizies and charges. Works great and is very simple to use” - Dawn B. 

Rarely do we think about the bacteria our personal items hold, but the reality is shocking

Proper sanitation and management of physical hygiene is imperative to your health. However, if you aren’t sanitizing the things and spaces that surround your daily life, your own sanitation might not be doing much good.

For most people, our cell phones are indispensable. Whether it be for work or play, cell phones have become a staple in our daily routines. According to Time Magazine, the average person spends nearly four hours a day on their phone, adding up to roughly 50 days a year 1. That fact alone can be staggering, but when users find out that their cell phone collects more bacteria than a toilet seat 2, it’s almost unbelievable.

But when we talk about the items that surround our daily lives, bacteria isn’t exclusive to our cell phones. Glasses, watches, wallets, and other items that are in constant contact with ourselves and the outside world collect bacteria.

Why is it that we have a known solution to sanitizing our hands, faces, and bodies, and yet haven’t bat an eye at the lack of sanitization implemented on the objects that touch us?

I sanitize myself and my products - how could I still be collecting bacteria?

Hand sanitizer is great for our hands, but doesn’t cover our holdable personal items. 

Disinfecting wipes can be used to wipe down most surfaces and objects, but as soon as those objects leave the space that has been sanitized, they start collecting bacteria wherever they travel, putting your hygiene and health at risk.

Not to mention, if you forget your sanitizer at home or simply run out, your objects won’t receive the sanitation that is needed to effectively reduce the risk of continued contamination wherever you go.

Say goodbye to the disinfectant wipes and hello to the most effective, portable, and compact sanitizer you could ever have

Home Sanitizer Solutions saw a problem when it came to sanitizing one’s personal items wherever you go, and made a perfect, multifunctional tool that eliminates the problem entirely.

The UV Phone Sanitizer Box can be used to sanitize most hand-held objects one carries with them on a day-to-day basis such as phones, glasses, keys, wallets, and more!

Utilizing UV light, the sanitizer is able to completely and efficiently clean any object within 15 minutes, featuring a safety shut-off when the product is open.

Additionally, our product is able to wirelessly charge your phone while simultaneously sterilizing it. Can your sanitation process do that?

Don’t wait too long though! Our phone sanitizers are selling like crazy. Get yours before we go completely out of stock! >>>

With HSS’s UV Phone Sanitizer Box, you’ll never need another on-the-go sanitizer for your portable objects ever again

How does the sanitation process actually work?

UV light is effective against all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Plug your Sanitizer Box in with the included cable to any power outlet.

By placing your object in the Sanitizer Box and securing it shut, it only takes 15 minutes for the UV light to effectively rid your object of any harmful microorganisms.

Wait ten seconds after opening the box, and then remove your thoroughly sanitized object!

The minimal time needed to sanitize makes it perfect for sanitizing at any time throughout the day, whether at work, at a restaurant, or on a trip.

You'll never need to worry about the cleanliness of your personal objects again

With a built-in wireless charger, you can simultaneously charge your phone while ensuring maximum sanitation.

Compact in size, the UV Phone Sanitizer Box is the perfect portable accessory to help you minimize bacteria growth and contamination while on-the-go.

No longer invest your time and money into sanitation devices and objects that don’t get the job done the most effective way.

“Before I got the UV Phone Sanitizer Box I was always losing track of my disinfectant wipes and ultimately wasn’t cleaning my stuff often enough to be confident it was clean. This thing has been a lifesaver! I keep it at my office desk and throughout the day am able to clean my personal items as soon as I get to work.” 

- Sarah J.


“Using the Sanitizer Box is so simple that I’ve seamlessly added it into my routine. Whenever I’m in my car I’m able to pop my phone into the device. Not only does it get clean, but it also charges my phone for me. I’d recommend this to anybody on the fence - it really works.” 

-Arthur P.


“Seriously - take my advice on this: you need this product! I had no idea how often I touched my phone throughout the day, and this really gives me some peace of mind knowing I’m not spreading any additional bacteria throughout my car or at home to my family. So simple, so quick, and so worth it!”

 -Leticia F.


Why you should choose HSS Phone Sanitizer instead of other phone sanitizer models?

HSS Phone Sanitizer

Other phone sanitizers

Completely disinfects small personal objects.

Does not ensure thorough sanitization.

Takes only fifteen minutes.

Needs consistent detailing or multiple uses to achieve thorough sanitization.

Portable by design.

Can be bulky or inefficient when on the go.

Uses UV light to disinfect objects.

Can use harmful chemicals and toxins creating a safety hazard.

Ability to simultaneously sanitize and wirelessly charge a phone.

Does not provide more than one service efficiently.

Gentle on multiple objects, fabrics, and materials.

Harsh on varying objects, fabrics, and materials and can lead to damage over time.

Stop Worrying About Bacteria With This One Simple and Effective Tool

“Having two little kids at home, making sure my home is sanitized has always been a top priority for me. Rarely did I think about what I was bringing into my home and how that could completely dismantle my efforts there. When I stumbled upon Home Sanitizer Solution’s UV Phone Sanitizer Box, it dawned on me that simply wiping down my surfaces with disinfectant wipes wasn’t the only thing I should be doing to ensure my family’s safety against germs! Then, as I was reading the reviews, and looking at what I could sanitize with the box, I recognized that I hadn’t been sanitizing multiple objects I use on a regular basis outside of my home, of which I brought back home with me. Traveling in my car, going to work, handing my things to friends and more, I realized I really needed a reliable tool to ensure that I truly was sanitizing all of the objects my kids come into contact with. Now I’m able to thoroughly clean all of my personal items with confidence, and I could never go back! It truly is one of the best investments I’ve made and couldn’t recommend it more.” - Debbie V.

How to order:

Go to the official Home Sanitizer Solutions website to make your purchase and enjoy sanitation wherever you and your objects go!




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