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This Filtration System Turns Sketch Tap Water Into Premium Bottled-quality Water, Without the Waste

By Jennifer Smith | May 21, 2021

“Tastes better than any bottled water I’ve ever had.” -Artie M. 

Not all water is created equal — steering away from harmful tap water

Drinking ample amounts of water is essential to your overall health and wellness. Without it, every cell, tissue, and organ in your body would fail to work properly. Experts recommend you drink about eight glasses of water every day. 

But how can you make sure the water you drink is actually good for you? Some H2O is packed with contaminants, heavy metals, harsh particles, and other impurities. That’s not something you want to put into your body. 

High-visibility events like the Flint water crisis have shown the perils of trusting tap water. Since 2016, the prevalence of adults who don’t drink tap water has increased by 40%. 

But what are the alternatives to drinking tap water? How can you safely stay hydrated?

  • Choosing bottled water is costly and harmful to the planet. 
  • Sticking to juices and sodas that are high in sugar is unhealthy. 
  • Using a traditional filtration system (with a tank) is complicated, bulky, and slow. 
What you need is a water filtration system that provides you with pure water straight from the sink — something that is equal parts affordable, easy-to-use, efficient, and good for your overall well-being! 

Ready to stop throwing money down the drain? Choose our reverse osmosis water filtration system! 

Oasis Osmosis Home has the best multi-layer water filtration system for your home or office. Its 7-stage system efficiently filters, softens, and purifies water, so that you can drink it straight from the tap. 

An innovative tankless design eliminates the risk of secondary pollution and prevents excess bulk. This compact design means cleaner water won’t come at the expense of less space under your sink. 

Oasis Osmosis Home’s 4-in-2 filtration system eliminates more than 1,000 contaminants and blocks bad tastes and odors. It’s no wonder hundreds of Amazon reviewers swear by Oasis Osmosis. It’s the only water filtration system that you can trust with your family’s water supply.

Don’t be left in the dark ages (or waters)

Households across America are reaping the benefits of having an in-home water filtration system right under their sinks. 

Having in-home water filtration allows them to enjoy a filtered cup of water any time of day — and without having to buy wasteful water bottles or bulky filtering equipment. 

What are you waiting for? You don’t want to be the only one not drinking from the tap! 

How This Filtration System Perfects Tap Water?

The secret to the success of Oasis Osmosis Home lies with a 4-in-2 filtration system that blocks out impurities and locks in flavor. 

The softening resin works to soften the harsh water upon entry. 
The activated carbon filter removes chlorine, large particles & colloids.
The PP cotton filter removes harsh particles, rust, and silt. 
The membrane filter eliminates common contaminants and pollutants. 

Each layer has a unique purpose, but all of them work together toward the same goal: providing the purest water in the fastest amount of time. 

That’s right -- the effective system has a high water-flow rate, which means you can have a crisp glass of water in as quick as 12 seconds.

That’s right -- the effective system has a high water-flow rate, which means you can have a crisp glass of water in as quick as 12 seconds.

An Easy & Affordable Way to Protect Your Family’s Water Supply 

The 30-minute installation and 3-second filter change time make Oasis Osmosis Home the most convenient water filtration system on the market. 

With a simple step-by-step guide, you’ll go from unboxing to sipping in the blink of an eye.

“Anyone that’s ever been to Phoenix, Arizona knows how terrible the tap water is here. That’s why I set out to purchase this reverse osmosis water filter for my kitchen. I definitely saw an immediate improvement in both the taste and quality of the tap water. I now feel comfortable with my family drinking Phoenix water.”

- Jose Luis Ibarra


“Hard water and strong iron taste is common in older wells but not something we enjoy. We have a water softener, but it leaves the water tasting salty. After hooking up this Reverse Osmosis we eliminated the iron taste.”  

-Mimi Acosta


“We have well water and there has always been that smell and yellow tint to the water. No longer. The water has no smell or color. The water tastes like bottled spring water without the waste.”

 -Anne Rhodes


Why You Should Choose Oasis Osmosis Home RO System


Traditional  RO system

Tankless design

Traditional design

High water flow rate

Low water flow rate

Fast filtering

Slow filtering

1.5:1 Drain rate

1:3 Drain rate

Easy to install

Difficult installation

Easy change filter system

Complicated filter replacement process

Let this Water Filtration System be Your Oasis 

“The tap water in Orlando, Florida is notorious for tasting a little odd. Sharing a water supply with theme parks and hotels can do that to a place. For years, I avoided the tap and exclusively bought water bottles by the case. It wasn’t until recently that I gave permanent water filtration a chance. 

I tried pitcher filters for a while but found the water still tasted a little off. Plus, it always took forever to yield a few cups of water. I decided to give a reverse osmosis filtration system a shot and have never looked back. Now I get to enjoy delicious water without worrying about what’s in it or feeling guilty about my plastic footprint.” 

- Debbie V.

Here’s How to Start Enjoying Terrific Tap Water Today 

Oasis Osmosis Home products are sold exclusively online. 

Now that you’ve discovered the secret to purer water without the hassle, follow these steps to get started: 

1. Go to the official Oasis Osmosis Home website to place your order.

2. Enjoy the benefits of the most delicious water you’ll ever try.

Oasis Osmosis 

Home RO System

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