Our UV sanitizer has 4 smart functions: Sanitize, Dry, Auto and Storage.

Please know our sanitizer has 2 gallons in volume capacity, it can store up to 6 baby bottles.

Our sanitizer box measures 11x11x9.7 inches, it has a compact size, yet big enough to fit all you need.

Since our UV boxes do not use water or steam, there is no risk of mold, rust or lime scale. No descaling or complicated cleaning routine is required. Just wipe the inside with a dry, clean cloth after using it.

Our UV sanitizer features two strong UV lamps, that have a lifespan of about 6000 hours. That means they will last you for approximately 18 months, before they’ll need to be changed.

Please know that our UV sanitizers come with a 1-year warranty for refunds or replacements, if there are quality problems or device failures in normal use conditions. The accessories of the consumables are not covered by this warranty.

There are three sterilizing cycles, the fastest one being 11 minutes, but you can also choose 16 or 21 minutes.

Yes, it is possible to use the STERILIZE function in order to sanitize your cellphone, keys etc. However, please know that you must not DRY any electronic products in the machine.

Our UV box works with 120 V, it has a sterilizing power of 8 W and a drying power of 75 W.

Our products are created with a childproof system, so there is absolutely no risk of harmful UV rays exposure. The device will power off immediately if the lid is opened during a cycle.