Phone Sanitizer UV 3134

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Stop freaking out about germs & choose a device that will keep your phone squeaky clean

 Sanitize your small objects – Multifunction UV Sanitizer cleans anything in just 15 minutes! A simple way to sanitize your everyday accessories such as smartphones, face masks, iPods, MP3 players, keys, earphones, watches, or jewelry pieces!

 2 in 1 Cleaner & Charger – Our smart sterilizer saves you time! While sanitizing your smartphone, it also wirelessly charges it. With our product, your phone will always be completely clean and fully charged - at the same time!

 Compact and Easy to Use – This small sanitizer box is lightweight (around 12 ounces) and super easy to use! Just put an object inside and the integrated countdown timer will buzz when cleaning is done. It’s that simple!

 Safe to Use - Multifunction UV Sanitizer has been tested by Intertek and SGS, world-leading inspection and testing companies. Our product is free of mercury and chemicals and entirely safe to use around children and pets.

 For Those Who Want Spotless Items & Service - Not only do we aim to make your life easier with our outstanding product, but we believe in impeccable Customer Service. Contact us 24/7 with any questions or issues you might have.

Multifunction UV Sanitizer keeps your smartphone clean and fully charged! Sanitize your favorite things!

✔ Sanitize Whatever Fits!
Multifunction UV Sanitizer’s sanitizing process only takes 15 minutes! We recommend our product to sanitize your everyday accessories. Ensure that the things you use often are clean and protected! Stay safe!
✔ Squeaky Clean & 100% Battery - that's the dream!
With a smart UV Sanitizer, your smartphone will always be fully charged! Just place your smartphone inside and close the lid! It’s that easy. To wirelessly charge your smartphone, make sure that you have a Qi-enabled phone. Keep your phone always charged and sanitized!
✔ User Friendly
Our small sanitizer box is super simple to use! Just place your phone inside and press the button to turn on the UV lamps. After 15 minutes, the UV lamps will automatically turn off and a buzzer will beep, indicating that the disinfection process is complete! That's it – your phone is sanitized and safe to use!
✔ Safety comes first
The safety of our customers is the utmost priority of our company. To make sure our product is safe to use, we have had it tested by world-leading inspection and testing companies. It has been tested and approved by Intertek and SGS. Our product is safe to use around children and pets. Feel free to use Multifunction UV Sanitizer because it is free of mercury and chemicals.